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Herron Island log cabin lists at $159K

Don’t ask about the ladder. Oh wait, ask.

A tiny 500 square foot cabin on more than a third of an acre on Herron island sounds very Northwestern. The price, $159,000, suggests the property isn’t exactly close to anything, except nature.

The one bedroom, one bathroom log cabin is rustic on the outside with modern amenities inside. It was built in 2004, so we aren’t talking anything historic here, but it is iconic. The kitchen has a stone tile floor, as does the rest of the ground floor. A nice option when living in the forest with its pesky needles, and on an island with its sandy beaches. Both the kitchen and the bathroom have modern appliances and fixtures, and would look at home in suburbia. The log walls give away their setting.

Loft beds are common in tiny houses, especially if they have a peaked roof like this one. Usually they’re reached by either steep stairs or ladders. Check to see if that aluminum ladder is there to help change a bulb or is the main way to get to and from the bed. More stylish log ladders are probably available, though aluminum is light and may be your style.

There’s lots of space outside, and it is made more usable by a large deck that is accessed by a broad set of doors that are much larger than the requisite front door. Open them all and the cabin may feel more like a pavilion.

An outdoor shower increases the bathroom space, and provides a way to keep the dirt outside. It also may double as a place to wash your dog that’s far away from the furniture. Those walks through the woods and along the beach can be messy.