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Modern Victorian in Graham worth visit for $709K

See how they mixed historic looks with a modern build

A pull-chain toilet, claw foot tub, wrap around porch, and Victorian filigree make this 3,005 square foot house look like a fine example of a renovation from the period. A wide variety of wallpapers continue to the feeling in two of the three bathrooms and at least one of the four bedrooms. A three car garage may be the proof that the house is much more modern, built in 1998 instead of 1898. Now, the property is on the market for $709,000.

They start with pastels on the front porch and entry, continue a light feel in the sun room; but switch to darker, richer tones in the foyer and formal dining room. The kitchen stands out with red accent walls behind white cabinetry and appliances - and yet another strip of wallpaper as a ceiling highlight. The most impressive room, however, may be the bedroom with pastel ceiling and end wall and a pair of carousel ponies. Those are either large appliques or impressive paintings.

Sit in the sunroom for those months when you want to feel more close to the outdoors without being in the weather.

There’s certainly a lot of outdoors available on the 6.3 acre lot. It is flat enough to allow the driveway to double as a basketball court, the yard to accommodate a swing set and room to run, and still have plenty of trees for privacy and firewood. When the Mountain’s out, you’re treated to a close up view of our largest volcano less than thirty miles away. Others may talk about their views, but you’ll be able to watch the spring avalanches - and hope that nothing bigger moves.