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The 5 least expensive homes for sale in U District

They may be in the U District, but these are probably for the profs - except for at least one of them

This week, we checked the University District listings and found a mix of houses and condos that are at least less expensive than the rest.

Close to I-5, so at least accessing a commute is easy; close to campus, which is an even easier commute; this two bedroom, two bathroom condo was built in 1996, probably with that specific location in mind. This unit is a corner one so there’s a better chance of a view. It has 1,026 square feet, not tiny and not large, with a price of $485,000. At least that’s under half a million. Enjoy the gas fireplace on drizzly nights and the private deck on sunny days.

Be bold, or at least cheer those who paint boldly. Not that this 1916 Craftsman wasn’t stylish enough, but it looks like it is painted to celebrate its centennial. At its basics, it is a two bedroom, one and three-quarter bathroom, 1,490 square foot house with a 1,916 square foot yard. It is what they’ve done inside that is so impressive with stylishly updated kitchen and bath, and retains the front porch and a long reading nook along a window. The price is $550,000, so probably not a student’s purchase, but comfortable and affordable, relatively speaking.

So aerobically-minded person might want this $599,950 just because it sits beside the Burke-Gilman Trail. Whether for commuting or exercise, that’s convenient. What’s also convenient is being across the street from U-Village, especially around the holidays. Some won’t even need a car, though there is one parking slot, just in case. The two bedroom, one bathroom condo was built in 1997. The sellers prove that with a the right decor, the 1,054 square feet can look as big as a house.

Make it a two story and a 2,750 square foot Craftsman can fit on a 3,876 square foot lot with enough room left for a detached garage. This 1916 centenarian has three bedrooms, one and three-quarter bathrooms (one with a claw foot tub), and includes an apartment. The extra revenue would help with the $725,000 price of a house that is far enough north to be considered Ravenna, but still can claim to be in the U District - a real estate dual-citizenship, sort of.

It sounds enormous, compared to the others, six bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 3,030 square feet; that is until you realize it’s a duplex; but that swings back because one of the units has all but one of the bedrooms and bathrooms. It also scoffs at the young pups that are only a hundred years old. This one was built in 1910. Now, the price is $835,000 (and it would be interesting to know how many houses that would’ve bought back then.) Finishing out the property is the 4,280 square foot lot. With many bedrooms almost make it sound like a possible boarding house. Let’s see, $835,000 divide by 6...