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House a herd and live in history for $600K

Start with a cabin and spend 140 years improving it

This is a log cabin from back when log cabins were contemporary, 1876 - at least for Granite Falls. Projects have layered themselves on and around the original cabin to become a home for a large family and a large herd. Check out their offer at $599,900 and decide if you want to get back to basics while still being plugged into the internet.

After 140 years, the house has become a four bedroom, four and a quarter bathroom, 3,685 square foot anchor for a forty acre lot that includes a 14 stall barn, a tack room, and a 60 foot by 120 foot covered arena. That’s plenty of room for the people and the horses, and both can enjoy the trails on the property.

Layered houses have layered stories. The original cabin remains, but altered, of course. The massive stone chimney probably wasn’t there at the beginning, but parts of the flooring and general structure were. Lumber from back then is probably tighter grained, cut from larger trees, and with thicker boards. Check the price of replacing any of those boards with something modern and get an appreciation of the value inherent in the walls and ceilings.

Parts have been modernized. It has electricity and plumbing, so that’s good. It also has rooms lined with drywall, ceilings with recessed lighting, and at least one instance when fuchsia seemed like the right color for a shower and pair of hexagonal sinks. Don’t laugh. Stranger things have come back into style. Maybe.

Regardless of the stories, this property will probably sell to an equestrian. Finding room to house, train, and exercise more than a dozen horses must be getting more difficult as the area becomes denser. Besides, feeling like you’re living in an earlier time may be valuable, too. Especially when you also can have your own generator, just in case.