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WATCH: Drone video showcases Washington’s awesomeness

This state is friggin’ beautiful

Photographer Jonathon Levesque travels the Pacific Northwest in search of the beauty nestled within. Technological advances such as drones have allowed people like him the chance to see Washington State in a whole new way. Now, he’s sharing what he’s seen from above with the rest of us.

I spent 2016 traveling as many parts of my beautiful home state as i could to put this together. Its a real labor of love, and my first major drone project. It's hundreds of hours of driving, hiking, filming and editing. i hope you enjoy it!

Levesque posted this video, entitled “Washington is Awesome” to show off, well, that Washington State is awesome. Hit the fullscreen and enjoy.

On his Facebook page, Jonathan says “hundreds of hours” went into creating the video. He doesn’t say exactly where many of this beautiful shots are located, but perhaps that’s your challenge as the Washington resident. Go find them for yourself.

Check out Jonathan’s photos on Instagram for further inspiration.