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New aPodment complex coming to 52nd Street in Ballard

A prime location for those looking for an affordable entry to Ballard

Calhoun Properties, the developer behind the aPodment brand of micro-housing buildings around Seattle, is taking plans for their latest project before the design review board. Along with Ecco Design, they’ll present their newest congregate residence proposal for Administrative Design Review on Friday, November 25.

The plans call for a six-story, 18,964 square-foot congregate residence at 1514 NW 52nd Street in Ballard. The building will include 62 residential units and 1,620 square feet of communal area. Vehicle parking is not required and will not be included but there will be 42 bicycle parking stalls.

Residences are described as “sleeping units” and consist of a main room, bathroom, and small kitchen space. Up to 25 percent of the units will include a wet bar area, making them more like SEDUs.

The property is surrounded by a mix of single family residences as well as multifamily and mixed-use residential and commercial buildings. The existing structure on the property will be demolished. Just around the corner from 15th Avenue and two blocks from Market Street, it’s a prime location for people looking to live in Ballard but who are unconcerned about large living spaces.