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$1.05M gets you this Snohomish farmhouse sans farm

The farm life, without the messy bits

The holidays are here, so it’s time to do all that over the river and through the woods traveling (which may be easier than dealing with security at the airport). Cultural nostalgia conjures images of farmhouses with wrap-around porches and country kitchens surrounded by acreage and white rail fences. You can have that for $1,050,000 in Snohomish. Just don’t expect a farm to go with the house, which may be the way you prefer it.

From the outside, this looks like a traditional farmhouse, the porch, dormers, steep roof, and a chimney which should have a curl of smoke drifting up. Look again and realize this isn’t some homesteader’s house that was built while clearing the land. It’s relatively new, built in 2006. It’s large: four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 6,118 square feet of space inside. And yet, it looks story book.

Step inside and the style is country and rural. Arched doorways, hardwood floors, a settee, and a kitchen big enough for producing feasts - and cleaning up after them. Go upstairs and find reaching nooks and niches in the dormers in the bedrooms. In some places, the walls look thick enough to be plaster over logs, but that’s just a bit of style.

A few clues that this isn’t your normal farmhouse. Crystal chandeliers light several rooms, particularly the formal ones. There’s a butler’s pantry which sounds it should be in a British manor house. A jetted tub is welcome and luxurious. No cast iron claw foot tub, here. Several rooms are at least staged as offices, the modern way to harvest.

Go back outside and check out the 5.92 acre lot. That’s big enough for pastures and a few small fields. Part of it has low fencing around a garden that’s equipped with a stylish shed or coop. Much of the remaining land is devoted to lawn, acres of grass to maintain; so, you’ll probably need a tractor anyway. As for the aroma of the countryside, a tour may be the only way to learn if the neighbors properties are a bit more rural.