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Double loft in Fix/Madore chops almost 25 percent off price

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This old-style condo has a first-look at Pike Place expansion plans

In August 2015 we saw a cool-looking live/work loft space in the Fix/Madore Building at 1507 Western Avenue that was asking $1,200,000. Once two separate units, it had been expanded and remodeled into one classic-looking condo space. The brick and high ceilings helped it remains true to it's loft origins, which also means there’s still only one "bedroom” (but two bathrooms, which is nice).

Since then there haven’t been any takers and the price has come down along with a few delists and relists. It just re-entered the market at $915,000, a little over 24 percent of a price chop since it started.

The triple-pane windows are a good idea considering you're going to get a front-row view of the impending Pike Place Market extension to the waterfront. Perhaps that’s why so many buyers have been skittish. But if you think longterm there might be more potential in the value down the road. That view is about to get a whole lot better.