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The 5 least expensive homes for sale in Wallingford

Living north of Lake Union (or on it) has its perks

A journey through the listings found the five most affordable homes (relatively) in Wallingford. Some get to see the skyline without being in its shadow.

Let’s start with a floating home 'Permanent Wave' that we wrote about in September. As we said then, it’s “Not too big, not too small, this houseboat is juuuust right”; and yet it is still on the market. Maybe it’s taking that permanence too seriously. The price for the two bedroom, one bath, 750 square foot home is still $435,000. It is more houseboat than floating home, though; because it comes with two 50hp Mercury outboards. Neighbors having a noisy party? Power up and sail away for a day. The rest of the time, enjoy luxuries like updated appliances, a spiral staircase, and a great view.

A sign of Seattle’s market. This 1914 Craftsman had a sale fall through in October. So, it’s back on the market with a listing price nudge from $625,000 up to $640,000. Appreciating at $15K per month, not bad. Thanks to a 2007 remodel (that may more properly be a renovation considering how well they retained its character), the two bedroom, one and a half bathroom, 1,480 square foot bungalow is looking remarkably current. It fits on a 3,120 square foot lot which leaves enough room for deck, patio, patch of lawn, established shrubbery, and a detached garage.

Get close to Green Lake and Woodland Park Zoo and you’ll be able to entertain yourself by watching the animals and the people, and then making comparisons. You can get that opportunity with this house they label as a Tiny, for $649,999. It has one bedroom and one bathroom in the 740 square feet. The 1922 house’s renovation is waiting to happen, though that isn’t a necessity. The kitchen in particular looks retro with chrome trimming the countertop. A corkscrew staircase leads to an attic with storage. A well stair leads to a basement tall enough for someone’s office. The 2,520 square foot lot is on a corner, so you also get to watch people maneuver around the traffic island’s garden.

Because it is a 1912 Craftsman, this $679,000 contains a classic profile, arches between the rooms, and hardwood flooring. Because it has six bedrooms and three bathrooms in the 2,680 square foot two story, the description suggests it has been used as a rental. That probably makes sense because it is just across I-5 from UW. The systems were brought up to code in 2004. The backyard of the 3,690 square foot lot is big enough to house several types of toys. Care to share with a half dozen or so roommates, or will you take it for your own?

Pick the right vantage point and see the city. This house is the oldest of the set, built in 1907. It’s perched more than a dozen steps above the street on its 5,000 square foot lot; which they took advantage of to line two rooms with long sets of windows. One room even looks so bright that it could be called a sunroom. It is listed for the first time in fifty years, with a price set at $699,900. A suite of eras are captured inside: the fixtures look original, as are the floors and framework; scalloped counter decor and brick back splash set the kitchen in a different era; an entertainment room has a built-in stereo system, including a record player that can hide in the wall, all set in a long wall of inlaid woodwork. Check out the variety of wallpapers that flow throughout the 2,260 square foot house, including the two bedrooms and one and three-quarter bathrooms. Care to buy several slices of history?