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5 Seattle home sales that went way over asking price

Check out these recent Seattle sales, all of which got way more than they thought

Earlier this year we trotted out a few Tales from the Seattle Housing Market to showcase home sales that ended up fetching far beyond what the initial asking price desired. Our lack of recent tales doesn’t mean they haven’t been happening, however. The Seattle housing market is still strong and lacking in inventory, so bidding wars and surging sale prices remain a part of the game for buyers.

OpenHouse passed along some of the recent transactions they noticed that ended up garnering way more than sellers were asking. Here’s some of the biggest gainers they’ve seen recently.

Address: 1902 S Horton Street, Beacon Hill

Asking Price: $415,000

Sale Price: $570,000

Percent Over Ask: 37

How’d We Get Here: This one has all the signs of a teardown. Great location close to public transit, schools, and main thoroughfares. It’s possible you could do something with the 1930 house but we expect to see something newer go up here soon enough.

Address: 334 W Kinnear Place, Lower Queen Anne

Asking Price: $1,798,000

Sale Price: $2,100,000

Percent Over Ask: 17

How’d We Get Here: Located just below Kerry Park, it’s a nice location and a nice house. Space Needle views as you walk out the front door while the four-bedroom residence itself is well-maintained and updated.

Address: 12562 Densmore Avenue N, Haller Lake

Asking Price: $1,250,000

Sale Price: $1,432,000

Percent Over Ask: 15

How’d We Get Here: A well-appointed midcentury modern home directly on Haller Lake with a luxury tree house in the backyard? We’d be offended if this place didn’t go over asking price...

Address: 1636 N 54th Street, Tangletown

Asking Price: $795,000

Sale Price: $935,000

Percent Over Ask: 18

How’d We Get Here: This four-bedroom bungalow lets you know everything you need to know about the market right now. Originally-built in 1907, it’s been renovated and upgraded across the board. While it’s not the flashiest home on the market, it’s got all the essentials for a family looking to put down roots. Given the interest in the neighborhood and the quality of the home, it’s then no surprise it almost hit seven figures.

Address: 7336 16th Avenue NE, Ravenna

Asking Price: $549,000

Sale Price: $650,000

Percent Over Ask: 18

How’d We Get Here: Ah, the power of Ravenna. One of Seattle’s most sought-after neighborhoods for families is always good to drive up the value of a home. This 1928 Craftsman actually holds five bedrooms and balances that vintage charm with enough upgrades (as well as a fenced backyard). Not only did this go 18 percent over ask but it closed within a week.