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Big Reveal: $439K for this Capitol Hill 1-BR condo

The corner unit in Trace Lofts is stylish

Yesterday we asked you guess the asking price for this 1-BR, 1-bath corner unit in Capitol Hill. We saw guesses range from $380K to $429K but none of them went high enough. Commenter ‘Seansdc’ came closest to the actual asking price: $439K.

Located right at the triangle where Pike, 12th, and Madison meet, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place more central to everything going on in Capitol Hill. The corner unit in Trace Lofts comes with garage parking and a storage unit. Inside you’re looking at concrete floors, a sizable-walk in closet and your own private patio. There’s also a bunch of retail down below and whatever isn’t there is within walking or light rail distance.

Now that you know the asking price, does it sound right to you?

Trace Lofts

1408 12th Ave, Seattle, WA