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Bellevue has region’s highest rents but Tacoma’s are fastest-growing

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Per Apartment List, Seattle rent dropped 0.9 percent last month

Apartment List is back with their November Rent Report and, according to them, Seattle rents decreased this past month but prices remain well above the national median.

Per their numbers, Seattle rent dropped 0.9 percent last month to a median 1-BR price of $1,720 and median 2-BR price of $2,300. However, that’s still up 6.9 percent from a year ago.

Looking at their median 2-BR rent map, we see that the Central Business District leads the way as usual with $3,470 while South Lake Union clocks in at $3,050 and Belltown is an even $3,000.

Seattle rents are expensive and have been growing but Seattle isn’t the most expensive or fastest-growing city in the region. Bellevue continues to retain it’s title as the most expensive rental spot in the area as 2-BRs there have a median rent of $2,410, and 1-BRs will run you $1,980. Bellevue rental prices remained flat over the past month.

Meanwhile, Rent in Tacoma have grown by 9.2 percent over the past year, surpassing any other city in the region. Part of that is due to how low they were previously as 1-BR rent still comes in at an affordable $1,020 spot while the 2-BR median is just $1,200.

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