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Historic Queen Anne Foursquare lists at $2.8M

A classic home with an iconic view.

Isn’t every house on Queen Anne furnished with Queen Anne furniture? Few match the neighborhood, the house style, and furnishings so well as this brick Four Square built for Thomas Garrison in 1912. The unique property is listed at $2,800,000, which may take a unique buyer. The right furniture would be nice.

Want energy conservation? Go back a hundred years and find it was in style then, too. A Foursquare house had a lot of area inside with minimal surface area outside, a simple way to heat efficiently. That helped set the style for houses built to last and for pragmatism. They could be elegant too, but look around the house. The fireplaces are decorated, but with simple tiles and a few extras without being ornate. Radiators line the rooms, particularly under the windows where they could best fight the night air. A library may have been a sign of wealth, but it was also that era’s media room; and just as well designed as today’s - but with a lot less wiring.

At its core, the house is a five bedroom, 4,500 square foot three story house, including an ADU, so a second kitchen is available. Check out the plumbing and fixtures in four bathrooms. Some things like toilets look like they’ve been upgraded, but the way the shower is incorporated into a niche could be period and could be an expert addition. Sturdy-looking stairs, rails, banisters, and doors throughout give at least the appearance of solidity (but check with your inspector, as for any old house.)

One luxury worth investigating is the elevator that reaches all three floors. It’s behind that accordion gate. Was it there in 1912? If not, how did they fit it in? Also, check out what looks like a bell tower on the corner. It might provide a view.

Not that this house lacks for views. The 9,583 square foot property slopes enough for an uninterrupted view of the Sound and the Olympics, another classic element that’s been valuable all these years.

Of course, if you love the house and don’t have the right furniture, well, that’s why we have antique shops.