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Spy on Seattle from this $719K Whidbey modern

Palm trees and sea breezes within sight of Seattle

Sit on the southern tip of Whidbey Island and you can see Seattle’s skyline (put into perspective by Mt. Rainier in the same view.) A custom creation from Heather Johnston of Place Architects was built on 1.41 acres that have an uninterrupted view south across Puget Sound. The style is modern. The setting is natural. The price is $719,000.

The house is angular, multi-storied, with an exterior material of "other", and a roof of metal. Inside, light flows in from plenty of windows and skylights that take advantage of the southern exposure. The style isn’t exactly minimalist, but too much decoration may detract from the view that reaches the southern half of the Sound. It is a 3,126 square foot house with two bedrooms (with views, of course), and four bathrooms - including one shower that has that great view (which hopefully doesn’t include a drone flying by.)

A sunroom, decks, particularly the roof deck, get you closer to nature in nice weather. The property is on a slope above the water, so some days the views are of a sea of fog that traps everyone while you sit in the sun. Landscaping is almost tropical with several palm trees that do well despite being somewhat confused in the winter.

For those days when the weather is discouraging, or you just don’t want to watch any more whales, eagles, or ships go by, you can retreat to the library or one of the only rooms that doesn’t boast about its windows: the theater.

For those days when the weather is downright nasty, there’s a generator. Storms do happen, and this is one place to watch them from.