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Custom Contemporary near Carnation cozy & quiet for $985K

If you want privacy, wrap your house in stone, and surround it with over twenty acres of land

Here's a 2,890 square foot stone house with lots of acreage and a grand view in Carnation. It's on the market at $985,000. The see-through fireplace may be noticeable, but dedicated dog facilities (facilities for dedicated dogs?), may be the sort of feature with the greatest value - at least to pet owners.

The two bedroom shows off stone as much as some houses show off wood. The facade helps weather the weather, but stone walls and tiles anchor the typically fine wood work. It was built in 2000, and has a contemporary design that could survive styles and trends. It has a circular floor plan, which makes it sound excellent for kids and pets who want to burn off energy by doing laps. Laps around the house. Laps around the fireplace. Laps around the island kitchen. After all of those aerobics, jump in the shower - the one with the lots of windows and nozzles and that grand view. The kids may have to be satisfied with using the other bathroom or the half bath.

If you want to wash the dog, there’s an entrance with a dog door, a vinyl floor, and a large and open shower. Dirty dogs happen when you have acreage in the foothills. You might want the shower if you’ve been working in the fenced, organic vegetable garden, or have been busy at the workbench.

Take in the view from the top floor tower. Check to see if it provides 360 degree views of all of your land, just in case you want to see sunrises, sunsets, and maybe some northern nights, too.