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Tiny Northgate bungalow has enough room for ADU too

They’re asking $399,950 for the one bedroom, one bathroom house that was built in 1928

In these days of cash sales and multiple offers, As-Is can have more meanings. The renovations suggest they aren't expecting bulldozers. They did agree to staging though, which shows how sweet this 620 square foot bungalow can be.

They’re asking $399,950 for the one bedroom, one bathroom house that was built in 1928. An arched doorway creates a softer frame between nook and kitchen; not quite a great room, but in tiny houses, no room is far away. Slight distinctions have greater effects. Looking into the kitchen, the green back splash and counter provide enough of an accent to dress the room. Looking back, just a couple of red chairs suffices for that room. The living room is the traditional hardwood floor and minimalist walls; but as is, the floor has been refinished and the fireplace has been converted to gas.

Outside, the backyard of the 5,141 square foot property is fenced and flat - good for kids, pets, gardens, or simply open space. A covered deck lets you sit above it and relax, or watch the random units run around.

The property is zone for an ADU; so, a tiny house beside a tiny house on a tiny lot - Seattle densification at home, and a potential revenue source.

These bubbly days in Seattle’s market don’t always mean prices rise. The property was initially listed at $425,000; which means a bit of patience may have saved a buyer $25,000. That much money can accomplish a lot in such a tiny space - maybe even buy that ADU.