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The 5 least expensive places for sale in Shoreline

All the places on our list are under $400K

We browsed the listings and found the five least expensive houses in Shoreline. Considering some of Seattle’s neighborhoods, it is a treat to find so many for under half a million.

Start with a third of an acre for $289,950 that comes with a house, too. It is a 1931, two bedroom, one bathroom house with 1,156 square feet. A small house on a large lot means a lot of room for other buildings. Check to see if you’re allowed to fit in an ADU and possibly make some monthly money. It is a two story with some interesting oak floors and yellow walls. The stairs to the second floor may be a bit narrow, and lead to a room with some head-banging potential, but tinier people (hello, kids) may not mind.

There’s enough pavement for more than an RV, which can be handy if you have to turn one around. This one story, rather tiny (830 square foot) house has two bedrooms and one bathroom, but an RV help extends that by being an occasional guest room or office. The pavement and the house sit on an 8,385 square foot lot that is fully fenced (some with wood, some with chain link), which as a package is listed at $299,950. The simple house on the slightly sloped lot was built in 1947. Would you leave it as is, or begin a refurbishment?

If the only water to pay attention to was the in-ground pool, this 1,530 square foot house would be an obvious deal for some buyer. The 1967 rambler has three bedrooms, one and three-quarter bathrooms, and an 8,712 square foot lot. A fully fenced yard is handy, too. Unfortunately, some of the water from the downspouts has been undermining the foundation. Settling and cracks happen. Want to get dirty and save a $380,000 home by taking on a messy project?

The floors, kitchen, bath, and windows have been updated in this 1948 Cape Cod that’s listed at $399,950. It manages to fit three bedrooms and one bathroom into 1,060 square feet on an 8,408 square foot lot. Location is important, as they mention in the listing; so does timing. The property sold for $199K in June. That suggests that a lot of those upgrades are quite recent - possibly even the seemingly brand new washer and dryer sitting in a remarkably empty basement.

Another 1948 house on an 8,408 square foot lot; but this one is a rambler. It, too, has three bedrooms and one bathroom; but they share 1,630 square feet. The price is the same as well, $399,950. One big difference is a big deck, and particularly a big deck that’s fenced well enough to be a kid or pet corral. Past the deck is a lawn that leads to a shop. With the deck, the lawn, and the shop and it makes sense to have the mudroom for when dirty and messy feet walk in the back door. Timing was an issue again. It sold in March for $240K. Check to see if the upgrades are worth the increased pricing.