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Get in an Arthur Erickson & James Cutler house twofer for $5.6M

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Two luxury residences for one price

The Arthur Erickson-designed home at 134 Huckleberry Lane in Shoreline’s The Highlands as well as the James Cutler-design guesthouse located at 132 Huckleberry Lane have been popping up on our radar for years now.

The luxury 4-BR designed by Erickson was asking $4.9M back in 2012 before it finally sold for just $2.2M to an LLC in 2013. They turned around and re-listed it later that year but it’s been available since, either to buy or to rent (asking $11,000/month). They re-committed to a $4.3M asking price in February 2015 but there were no takers. Now they’ve re-listed once more at $4.1M.

This time, though, they’re also throwing in that James Cutler guesthouse as package deal. You can take the main house for $4.1M, the guest house for $1.5M, or you can buy both of them for $5.6M.

Built in 1979, Erickson house looks like an art-lovers abode, which makes sense given that it once belonged to noted art patrons and philanthropists Virginia and Bagley Wright and was also lived in by Andy Warhol collector Richard L. Weisman.

The Cutler guesthouse boasts two bedrooms and a design that uses basic but high-quality materials to frame space. All of those windows don’t hurt either.

In between the two residences you also get swimming & reflection pools as well as a sculptural meadow on an almost eight-acre lot.