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2-story Lake Union houseboat docked & ready for $325K

Lofts and ladders bracket a kitchen in this tiny houseboat

The listing calls out the lot size as 345 square feet, which could easily be the living area because the lot is the water under this 2001 houseboat. They managed to fit two bedrooms and one bathroom into that much space with uncommon innovations.

Open spaces and great rooms are common; so are vaulted ceilings. By opening the loft, exposing the ladders, and centering the rooms around the kitchen, this tiny houseboat expands open spaces into an open volume, not just open floor space. Adding nautical hatches to the top decks, including a skylight, and keeping the paint scheme bright makes the home seem bigger while acknowledging its marine nature. Of course, look out the windows and see a neighborhood of similarly sized and floating homes.

They’re asking $325,000 for a place a cat would love. Stroll from the loft bedroom, across the top of the kitchen cabinets, down to the counter, then up the stairs, through the hatch, and out onto the deck to watch the gulls glide by. Humans can like the space too; just be careful of the headroom in the loft, be careful around the stove pipe behind the headboard in the main bedroom, and get used to having an almost but not quite flat floor in the head.

Centering life around the kitchen is natural. Elevating the living room to the upper deck broadens the view. Trails and parks are near for playing on the land. The water’s all around you for playing on the lake. Living on the north end of Lake Union means looking across as Seattle’s expanding skyline without having to live in its shadow.

2143 N Northlake Wy Unit 14 [Windemere]