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Modern farmhouse movement comes to Queen Anne

There probably isn't much farming to do in Queen Anne these days

It’s listed as a nod to the modern farmhouse movement; but the 3,200 square foot house sits on the west side of North Queen Anne, so farming may not be involved. There is a view of an impressive expanse of greenery, but that’s the Interbay Athletic Complex. Modern definitely applies thanks to an uncluttered style, minimalist architecture, and lots of glass, metal, and cement - materials that would survive well in a rural environment, so they should last even longer in the city.

The house is new, built in 2016, and is listed at $1,595,000. That means modern applies to the appliances and the systems and probably to the guarantees and warranties. It has four bedrooms and three and a quarter bathrooms distributed across multiple floors: down low for some quiet and easy access, up high for light and views. The lighting fixtures and kitchen cabinetry contribute to the smooth, clean look. The same is true in the master bath, but with a tile treatment as well.

Sliding barn-style doors roll aside to cover or reveal the master bath and closet, a handy solution if you aren’t planning to hang deep art on the walls. Check to see if the blown glass on the living room walls stays or goes. High dormer style windows pull in more light while emphasizing the farmhouse feel at least from the outside. Thanks to wood flooring there is at least one warm element inside.

On those nicer days, lounge on a deck and take in the view of the neighborhood. You may have more time than most because the parts of the 4,882 square foot lot not covered by house or driveway are planted for low maintenance. No mowing. No mud. Another way to keep the house clean, too.