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Thinking of moving to Canada? Consider Seattle instead

We’re not in Canada, but maybe being far from DC will be enough for some

Hello, America. Suddenly thinking of moving to Canada? That’s a big commitment and you’ve got a lot paperwork ahead of you.

However, if you want to move somewhere new, but don’t want to bolt the U.S. just yet, let us point out that Seattle is about 2,329 miles from Washington, D.C. by air and 40 hours by car.

We’re not in Canada (barely), but we do have some very Canadian neighborhoods and qualities to choose from...

What neighborhood could be more Canadian than Maple Leaf?

Want to live among different types of people? Try Rainier Valley, one of America's most diverse neighborhoods.

Feeling Gay pride? Downtown is the site of the 2016 Pride Parade.

If you need a place to practice speaking French, you don’t need to go to Quebec. Try Madison Valley, which was once known as Seattle's French Quarter.

Brush up on your curling. Haller Lake has a club for that.

Care about health care? First Hill certainly has more than its share of hospitals.

If you're a fan of quality education, we have a District named University, and so many schools that they can't all fit in that one neighborhood.

Like living green but don't want to leave city life? Green Lake and Greenwood at least have green in their names (and there’s a big lake in there, too).

Want to move to someplace with several local pot shops? Try SoDo - not to mention several other Seattle neighborhoods. In fact, you can probably just walk a couple blocks from where you are anywhere in the city and you’re good.

Want to learn about other cultures before becoming an ex-pat? Move to the International District first.

Maybe Canada does feel far enough. Maybe you want to go all the way to the center of the universe. Well it’s right here in Seattle - in Fremont!

If the thought of the other Washington kicks off anxiety attacks, then you might want to avoid Capitol Hill and Roosevelt.

Finally, if you really need to get away from it all, just buy a private island up in the San Juans right at the very edge of the U.S. - Canadian border and call it a day. Check in with us in four years to see if you want to come back or not.