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Ross Chapin Coupeville Craftsman cottage costs $279K

A cute Craftsman cottage that is really a condo

You want a small house, maybe a cottage, but you like the conveniences (and price) of a condo. Okay, you can do that. A Craftsman cottage is part of a Ross Chapin neighborhood in Coupeville. It looks and lives like a two bedroom, one bathroom, 797 square foot house, but it is part of a neighborhood of homes with similar sizes and designs. The price, $279,000.

There are many of the features people expect in a Craftsman. The covered front porch is big enough for a couple of chairs, and to keep you out of the weather as you fumble for your keys. The fireplace is bracketed by builtin bookcases and high windows. Eating at the counter or in the settee means saving the space that gets eaten up by a formal dining room. A great room with high ceilings adds a feeling of space by adding volume.

All of that could be accomplished in a set of wall-to-wall condos, but the exterior literally sets the cottage apart. The house is wrapped in layers of gardens, beds, walkways, and fencing to create levels of privacy while also making it easy to talk to your neighbors from the porch as they walk by.

The units were built in 2008 and are within the small tourist town of Coupeville; so if you’re hunting for something to do you’re already in a place people travel thousands of miles to visit. Even the whales drop by. Smile and wave.