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Curbed Cup 1st round: (4) Georgetown vs. (13) Central District

Two Seattle neighborhoods with interesting histories and futures full of potential

Joe Mabel

No. 4 Georgetown

Tiffany Von Arnim

Georgetown is the neighborhood Fremont wishes it could be, if bumper stickers are to be believed. While there is certainly development going on here, like so many other Seattle neighborhoods, there’s something about the South Seattle spot’s brick building aesthetic and proximity to Boeing Field that will ensure it never quite gentrifies all the way (we think). While it’s got a reputation for rough-around-the-edges bars and hot spots, it’s also not a bad family place either.

No. 13 Central District


One of the most interesting neighborhoods in Seattle right now in terms of how it’s history may or may not influence it’s future. Developments that have already happened and are soon to happen are clashing with the traditionally African-American neighborhood that’s spent so many years feeling outside of that sphere. It’s the nabe we talk about when we talk about gentrification in Seattle. The hope is that all of this new-found interest will introduce more people to all of the amazing restaurants and small businesses already here.