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Curbed Cup 1st round: (6) Fremont vs. (11) Beacon Hill

A battle of two classic Seattle neighborhoods

Mobilus In Mobili

No. 6 Fremont


Fremont is a tiny neighborhood full of big ideas. North Fremont has blossomed into a tiny epicenter of food and fun. Fremont Proper is still the Center of the Universe as we know it. Where else do you find visitors like statues of Lenin, old rockets, and residents like Rapunzel hanging out on the bridge? Oh yeah, and the Troll. And the naked Solstice cyclists. There’s a lot to remember here.

No. 11 Beacon Hill


Sure, you could subdivide it into North Beacon Hill, Mid-Beacon Hill, NewHolly, and South Beacon Hill, but let's just call it Beacon Hill for the sake of posterity. This stretch of South Seattle has become a hotspot in recent years for those looking to take advantage of cheaper real estate on the rise and new eco-friendly developments that keep sprouting up. The view of downtown Seattle from here certainly doesn't hurt either.