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Curbed Cup 1st round: (7) The Junction vs. (10) Pioneer Square

It’s a showdown of traditional hub neighborhoods


No. 7 The Junction


Built around the intersection of California Avenue SW and SW Alaska Street, The Junction is the heart of West Seattle has a ton to offer for long-time residents and new arrivals. Developers can't stop themselves from adding new apartment projects into the mix and modern, updated homes pop up all over the residential streets. Renters who can't afford Capitol Hill or Belltown flock here for the restaurants, nightlife and shops that line the main streets. It's no wonder this has become the place where California transplants decide to live when they move here.

No. 10 Pioneer Square


Pioneer Square might be the original neighborhood of Seattle as we know it but that hasn't doesn't much for it in the Curbed Cup so far. Maybe all of the recent revitalization will help. An influx of new buildings, new workers and a focus on preservation are making Pioneer Square trendy again. Also doesn't hurt to have so many good restaurants. On Seahawks, Sounders and Mariners gamedays, the Square has become the place to be for food, drink and merriment.