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$1.6M Wallingford modern farmhouse right out of a catalog

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If you wanted to order a Seattle house out of your HGTV dreams, this might be it

Haris Kenjar

The four-bedroom, 2,920 square-foot residence at 3832 Burke Avenue N in Wallingford might have been originally-built in 1924 but they’ve turned it into the kind of place that HGTV viewers might order straight out of a modern farmhouse catalog. If there was such a thing.

This modern farmhouse located on a corner lot just hit the market asking $1,585,000 and it’s got the light-filled, stylish interiors to back it up.

The home received a complete renovation (obviously) that includes the addition of wide-plank flooring and a modern kitchen island seating, a walk-in pantry, and deck placement perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Up the stairs you’ll find the master bedroom, complete with a balcony that gets a view of the Seattle skyline. Downstairs you’ll find the family room and a guest suite. A moody teenager could also just claim that lower level as their own.

This place is ready for it’s close-up. Just a question of who wants to take a closer look.