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Even cleaning your Seattle home has gotten too expensive

Housing prices aren’t the only ones going up around here


In November, Seattle officially became the hottest housing market in the nation. Home values were up 10.9 percent the previous year and the median price for a single-family home in King County hit $550,000. That was backed up by the revelation that more than two-thirds (67.6 percent) of the houses for sale in Seattle were under contract in less than two weeks. No doubt about it, it costs a lot of buy a house in Seattle right now.

It also costs a lot to maintain it, apparently. PocketSuite collected pricing data on local cleaners to find out where people are paying the most and, guess what, it’s Seattle.

This might surprise you that residents of the Seattle area paying the most for home and apartment cleaners. On average cleaners charge $45.67 per hour to clean a residence. With Seattle-based Amazon slowly taking over the world, Seattle is becoming flat out expensive. Prices of real estate, retail, food and home services are rising across the board as young professionals are willing to pay the price.

Add it to the list of expenses that come with buying a home around here these days.