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Curbed Cup first round results: The defending champ goes down

Lots of top seeds fell in the first round

The first round of our annual Curbed Cup competition to select the year’s No. 1 neighborhood is in the books and it was a mix of big upsets and dominant victories.

Defending champion and No. 1 seed South Lake Union went down to No. 16 Green Lake. No. 4 seed Georgetown also fell to No. 13 Central District. Meanwhile, No. 2 Columbia City and No. 3 Belltown both cruised to the Elite Eight.

The next round sets up some curious showdowns as we see North Seattle vs. West Seattle (Green Lake vs. Alki), a battle of revitalized nabes (Pioneer Square vs. Columbia City), and a Fremont vs. Belltown matchup that could go either way.

Voting picks up again next week!