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Wrap this $20K Burlington tiny house in a big red bow

A tiny house makes a big gift


There’s someone out there for whom a twenty-thousand dollar present would be perfect this year. Rather than get some phenomenal television, $19,950 could buy this tiny house on wheels.


130 square feet of space, newly constructed, and ready to be redefined. The exterior shows off a shed style metal roof, cedar siding, oak floors, and a front door with colored glass.


The interior has butcher block counters, a modern nickel faucet, and a stainless steel sink. It’s also wired for electricity.


Head up the stairs, er, ladder for the now conventional loft bedroom. Remember to duck. Two windows will provide some cross ventilation if you feel a little claustrophobic.


As for the rest, that’s where the buyer gets busy. No appliances are listed. There must be plumbing for the sink, but the listing only mentions space available for a toilet and shower. Things like those aren’t necessary if the space is going to be used as an office or art studio; but if you’re planning on occupying it, you’ll get to figure out how to fit in your essentials.

One challenge is getting it from Burlington to your place. The other challenge is finding one of those really big bows. Car dealerships must have a source. But do they have one big enough for a house?