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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (9) Alki vs. (16) Green Lake

The second round of the 2016 Curbed Cup tournament begins


You can find out all 2016 Curbed Cup first-round results by clicking here.

No. 9 Alki

Chas Redmond

Alki brings with it the street cred as being the original home of Seattle and while it's not a bit "West" of that, it can still hold its own. To live here is to have a great view. Seriously. It's like every place comes with one. But there's also a mix of classic beach cabanas, upscale condos and cool modern twists. Of course the beachfront is what makes Alki stand out. Also, Alki defeated No. 1 South Lake Union in first round to get here, no small feat.

No. 16: Green Lake

Seattle Municipal Archives

The North Seattle neighborhood where we go running is more than just the glacier lake that gives it it’s name. There’s actually a lot to do on the fringe of the lake, from getting a good meal to working out to shopping. It keeps expanding, too, with a new apartment complexes going up all the time. Just make sure you know the rules when running, cycling, or walking around the lake. Green Lake outlasted No. 8 Ravenna to make it here.