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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (5) Ballard vs. (13) Central District

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Two neighborhoods from opposite sides of the city go toe-to-toe

J Brew

You can find out all 2016 Curbed Cup first-round results by clicking here.

No. 5 Ballard


This Northwest Seattle enclave might have become condo central but it's still got a lot of that old-world charm thanks to it's Scandinavian roots and a slew of great restaurants, coffee shops and bars. It's also the only neighborhood we've ever felt the need to map out by brewery. Developers keep building here to try to keep up with all the demand but they can't. Ballard took out No. 12 First Hill in the first round to get here.

No. 13 Central District


One of the most interesting neighborhoods in Seattle right now in terms of how it’s history may or may not influence it’s future. Developments that have already happened and are soon to happen are clashing with the traditionally African-American neighborhood that’s spent so many years feeling outside of that sphere. It’s the nabe we talk about when we talk about gentrification in Seattle. The hope is that all of this new-found interest will introduce more people to all of the amazing restaurants and small businesses already here. CD defeated Georgetown by the slimmest of margins to make it here.