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Shoreline rambler with solarium seeking $390K

A solarium in Seattle makes for a warm welcome in winter

You get to decide. Is this a midcentury, a Northwest Contemporary, a rambler, or a midcentury Northwest Contemporary rambler? The listing suggests they all are the case. Regardless of the labels, you’ll probably notice that it is a red one story that hides behind something very valuable this time of year, a solarium. A nice, warm, bright room can be worth a lot as grey skies and drizzle drop by for months. Is it worth $389,950?

The house was built in 1953, so midcentury makes sense. The low pitched roof, exposed ceiling beams, and red brick mantel certainly fit. Look in the kitchen and see retro cabinets. Check out the long, skinny wood-paneled rec room and see a cabinet for stereo components from back in the day before all your music could fit in your phone.

Rambler makes sense, too. Single floor living is a nice way to lay out four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and 1,820 square feet of living space. Why deal with stairs when everything can spread out across the 6,142 square foot lot?

As for Northwest Contemporary, well, contemporary continues to shift. At one time, log cabins were probably considered contemporary.

The entry converted to a solarium will probably be the thing that you remember if you spend a day seeing a dozen other homes. Shiny marble tile floor, glass blocks beside the door, and windows on two sides can be a nice way to be welcomed home on a rainy day. When the weather’s better, you can enjoy the deck that extends the space into the yard. Comfortable living is more important than whatever label gets applied.