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Once a potential NHL arena site, Tukwila property sells for $136M

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One less threat Chris Hansen has to worry about

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Exactly where the future site of an NBA or NHL arena in the Seattle area will be remains undetermined. But now we at least know it won’t be in Tukwila.

While Chris Hansen makes his case for SoDo and the city puts together bids for KeyArena, it’s easy to forget that there was a serious plan to build an NHL arena in Tukwila back in 2015.

RLB Holdings Sports and Entertainment, which was led by investment banker Ray Bartoszek, had filed plans with the city build a multipurpose arena in the TOD District. The property ran along South Norfolk Street, north of the Sounder station and east of West Valley Highway off of I-405 Exit 1. MulvannyG2 Architecture CEO Jerry Lee, NBA legend Bill Russell and former Seattle Sonics captain Fred Brown were all part of the organization and it seemed like they might give the Seattle plans a run for their money.

In the end, however, those plans fizzled out and now the site’s owner, who happens to be former Sonics minority owner Dave Sabey, has sold the 62-acre property for $136 million.

The new owner is real estate firm Prologis, who said in a statement that the site has potential for redevelopment “in the near future” but didn’t go into specifics. Currently you’ll find a warehouse, cold-storage facility, and office buildings on the site. While it’s hard to say what will happen there, we can presume that any chances it could be turned into a sports arena are now done.

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