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Some Grinch stole Candy Cane Lane Christmas decorations

One of Seattle’s iconic holiday displays got jacked by some jerk

Chas Redmond

Every holiday season, Seattleites flock to one aptly-named road in Ravenna to peruse this year’s decorations and displays. Going all the way back to the 1950s, Candy Cane Lane and the surrounding area has been a staple of the Seattle Christmas experience for thousands come to see the extravagant displays of lights, reindeer, snowmen, and of course candy cane-striped poles. There’s a reason it’s always considered the best Seattle neighborhood for holiday lights.

One recent visitor was a bit of a grinch about the whole thing, however, and decided to take one home’s entire display with them.

On Tuesday after work, Joan Gomberg and Paul Bodin returned to their home at Northeast Park Road and, oh, no.

“We had an Arctic scene. We have a big lineup of animals that light up. We had a bear, a seal, a penguin, a candy cane. All the lights in the bushes,” says Gomberg.


The thieves even took one of the big candy canes that’s handed out to every new homeowner who moves in to the neighborhood.

The only things they didn’t steal were a giant igloo and a sign that says “Peace” in Somali. So at least there’s that.

There’s still plenty to see if you want to take a trip to Candy Cane Lane, and maybe you can give Joan Gomberg and Paul Bodin a friendly wave while you’re there. But if you happen to be out in another part of Seattle and see a giant bear or penguin just hanging out, consider where that holiday-themed animal may have come from.