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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (3) Belltown vs. (6) Fremont

A showdown of Curbed Cup favorites

You can find out all 2016 Curbed Cup first-round results by clicking here.

No. 3 Belltown

Russ Walker

Seems like this neighborhood gets overshadowed for "the next big thing" but it's one of the city's oldest and most contrasting spots. While Denny Triangle and Downtown get all the love, Belltown is still building and the prices are going up. The neighborhood’s real estate & rental market is among the most dependable but so many of the classic haunts and clubs remain in business in spite of the encroachment. Belltown survived a scare from Delridge in the first round to get here.

No. 6 Fremont


Fremont is a tiny neighborhood full of big ideas. North Fremont has blossomed into a tiny epicenter of food and fun. Fremont Proper is still the Center of the Universe as we know it. Where else do you find visitors like statues of Lenin, old rockets, and residents like Rapunzel hanging out on the bridge? Oh yeah, and the Troll. And the naked Solstice cyclists. There’s a lot to remember here. Fremont cruised over Beacon Hill to make it to the next round.