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Big Reveal: $589K for Capitol Hill converted loft

Historical living at low prices (relatively-speaking)

Windermere R.E. Wall St. Inc.

Yesterday we asked you to guess the asking price for this 1-BR, 1.5-bath loft in a converted mansion in Capitol Hill. We saw guesses as low as $425K and as high as $600K. We also got a guess that was juuuust a little too perfect so we’re going to call this one a no-contest. Actual asking price: $589K.

So you want to live in a Harvard Belmont Historical District mansion but you can’t afford Harvard Belmont Historical District prices? How about a loft inside one of the grand old dames that’s been converted into condos? This loft space retains a lot of the original features that come with living in a building like this, such as vaulted ceilings and the original wood burning fireplace. Follow the spiral staircase upstairs to the loft bedroom & full bath. Outside, enjoy a quick walk to Volunteer Park or head down to Broadway.

Volunteer Park

1247 15th Avenue East, , WA 98112 (206) 684-4075 Visit Website