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Curbed Cup 2016: Week two recap and bracket revealed

Ballard, Belltown, Green Lake & Columbia City advance

After a few days of polling and almost 800 votes collected, it’s time to announce the final four for Curbed’s super prestigious (and fake) trophy: The Curbed Cup. The purpose of the Curbed Cup competition is to allow readers to choose which Seattle neighborhood they think truly reigned supreme each year and you’ve gone ahead and whittled down the list from 16 to four.

This year, we’re down to two North Seattle neighborhoods, one Central Seattle neighborhood, and one South Seattle neighborhood.

The vote between Green Lake and Ballard will take place on Tuesday, December 27 while voting between Belltown and Columbia City begins Wednesday, December 28. Be sure to visit Curbed on time as there is only 24 hours allotted for each poll.

The finalists will be announced on Thursday, December 29 with that poll left open until January 2.

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