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Seattle gingerbread ‘micro house’ available for $2,000/month

Honestly, they could have asked for more


On one hand, this Craigslist ad for a gingerbread house in Central District asking $2,000/month is a fantastic satire on the state of the Seattle rental market.

On the other hand, they probably could have asked $3,000/month for it...

Anyone whose been paying attention to the absurd rental market around here is sure to get a kick out of the home ad. That or shed a tear because it hits a little too close to home.

Modern! Charming! Aromatic! Stand-alone house, new construction, just under one square foot with efficient floor plan. (No wall between toilet and the rest of the space, or any other room. Also no toilet.) Low-cost lighting and heat included. Rooftop deck with potted trees, fire pit table and view of aquarium.

Conveniently located on top of a wine cabinet, within walking distance to the First Hill Streetcar, Link light rail, and Metro bus routes 14, 7, 9, 48, and 106.

Must vacate by January 8 when the property is scheduled to be composted.

Even parody Seattle housing ads can get pricy in a hurry. They’re asking $2,000/month in rent, $2,000 down as a non-refundable security deposit and $200 for a non-refundable credit application fee. Before some recent rules changed things, that’s the kind of crazy move-in fees Seattle renters really could expect to pay before getting their foot in the door.

Or in this case, hand in the door, cause that’s about all you’ll be able to fit.

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