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Curbed Cup Final Four: (5) Ballard vs. (16) Green Lake

We’re down to the Final Four

J Brew

You can find out all 2016 Curbed Cup second-round results by clicking here.

No. 5 Ballard


This Northwest Seattle enclave might have become condo central but it's still got a lot of that old-world charm thanks to it's Scandinavian roots and a slew of great restaurants, coffee shops and bars. It's also the only neighborhood we've ever felt the need to map out by brewery. Developers keep building here to try to keep up with all the demand but they can't. Ballard took out No. 12 First Hill in the first round and No. 13 Central District in the second round to get here.

No. 16: Green Lake

Seattle Municipal Archives

The North Seattle neighborhood where we go running is more than just the glacier lake that gives it it’s name. There’s actually a lot to do on the fringe of the lake, from getting a good meal to working out to shopping. It keeps expanding, too, with a new apartment complexes going up all the time. Just make sure you know the rules when running, cycling, or walking around the lake. Green Lake outlasted No. 8 Ravenna and No. 9 Alki to make it here.