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Midtown Center scheduled for Early Design Guidance

Mid-town, mixed-use, plus affordable housing


Encore Architects has been designing the proposed Midtown Center 2301 East Union Street for Lennar Multifamily Communities and is scheduled for its Early Design Guidance meeting on January 4.


The preferred option is called the Horseshoe, will work as two buildings, and have five to six floors of residences above a ground floor of retail. The northern building will hold 355 residential units, 10 percent of which will meet affordable housing goals. The southern building will hold 120 residences, apparently all of which will be considered affordable.

Retail is the other half of the mixed-use, with at least 50,000 square feet of retail plus community office space.

Parking will include 125 stalls for commercial customers and 245 stalls for residents; which means more 230 residences than cars.

Space is being devoted to pedestrians which is logical for a mid-town location. A pedestrian walkway will separate the buildings, and wider sidewalks will provide “spill-out space”.

More residences, affordable housing, and an emphasis on pedestrians over parking - Welcome to the start of the 2017 development activities.