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Enjoy the snows of Snoqualmie Pass for $390K

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Where would you rather live during ski season?

Ski season is here! An innovative ski chalet is available for the first time since it was built in 1991. Is the ski trip an excuse to tour the house, or touring the house an excuse for visiting the slopes?

Someone decided to create a new type of ski chalet. They attempted to improve on the conventional metal roof on a typical A-frame. Instead, they used aluminum on a pair of arches to create a house that is a bit softer that also sheds rain and snow well. If it didn't work, the design probably wouldn't have survived that last 25 years. Now, it is on the market for $390,000.

Lot size doesn't matter as much when the land spends the season under feet of snow. The 7,405 square feet are mostly cleared, and are either covered with house or pavement. The garage is at pavement level, of course; but those feet of snow explain why the front door and the first floor up lifted. The basement may get buried, which may be why the downstairs bedroom has indoor shutters, but keep the house high can shovel less and enjoy the view more.

As with most ski homes, the number of bedrooms (3) and bathrooms (1.25) may not be as important as how many guests you'll have to accommodate in the 1,700 square foot cabin. The kitchen certainly looks big enough to feed a large crew, though you may want to add a larger dining room table.

The uncommon shape makes the interior distinctive, regardless of how many people are there.

Of course, you may just keep it to yourself and use it for more than the winter. The commute to Seattle may take over an hour, but that's true for many people in the lowlands. The commute to the Eastside can fit in under sixty minutes - weather permitting. If the weather's too bad you'll just have to stay home and play on the slopes.

· 20 Kitzbuhel Pl, Snoqualmie Pass [Windermere]