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Bellevue mansion big enough for two barons

Is a fifth of an acre indoors big enough for you?

Can you budget for this? A 9,636 square foot mansion is on the market in Bellevue at a price of $3,900,000. Make sure the extra $125 monthly dues don’t put it out of your reach.

With almost a quarter of an acre indoors (actually ~ 0.22 acres) there’s plenty of room for all of the classic luxuries: souring ceilings, a towering fireplace, elegantly curved staircases, full bar, theater, and wine cellar. Just checking out those features and rooms could keep you busy for most of a day.

But this house was effectively built double. The kitchen has two islands, not just one. An opportunity to host your own chef competition? Instead of a den/office/library, there are two offices and enough shelving that no one person could read that much in a lifetime - unless it was really big print. Even the bathrooms have pairs of pairs of sinks. At least there’s always a backup available if there’s a backup.

Look at many listings and see the neighbor’s house through the windows. There is a another wall, window, and roof outside, but that’s just another wing of the house. You are effectively your own neighbor. With 1.31 acres comes a lot of privacy - and a lot of mowing, weeding, and landscaping. That’s probably someone else’s job.

At its core, this is still a house, a five bedroom, five bathroom house. While they’ve doubled up some of the features, that many bedrooms suggests either a large family or a lot of guests. Whoever they are, everyone gets to roam alone if they want to.