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Snuggle up inside an updated 1929 West Seattle Craftsman

What you can’t see may be what matters most


When the weather gets bad, simple pleasures are appreciated more. Warm and dry are very welcome in a winter storm.

This 1929 Craftsman is a fine example of the style. That’s appealing enough for many folks. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom, so the basics are covered. It also only has 840 square feet inside, all on one floor. That’s simple enough.


As the temperature drops, you might appreciate the wood burning fireplace for ambiance, and whatever heat it provides. At least it doesn’t have to try to heat the heights of cathedral ceilings before warming down by the floor. The most practical benefit may be triple pane windows. No ice inside, plenty of layers to quiet the wind, and no fog - unless you decide to decorate that way.


As the snow flies, you may want to bundle up and sit on the enclosed porch to watch the flakes blow by. A protected space around the front door is also handy as an enormous mudroom, and a place for the pets to shake off the slush before walking inside.

They’re asking $345,000 for the house and the 5,227 square foot lot that is in Highland Park/South Delridge.


They’ve also updated the kitchen, the plumbing, and electrical systems, so you can enjoy modern conveniences. Another simple, subtle improvement is gas forced-air heat - something that’s a bit more efficient than throwing wood into the open fireplace.