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Big Reveal: $1.1M for Harvard-Belmont 3-BR condo

It’s located inside a unique five-condo boutique building

Yesterday we asked you to guess the price on this 3-BR, 2.75-bath condo in Capitol Hill’s Harvard-Belmont Historic District. This place seemed to inspire a lot of guesses from all over the map.

Some people went high. A little too high.

Others went a little low.

We also saw guesses of $2.1M, $1.59M, and $1M. In the end, it was commenter MichaelMack who nailed the asking price exactly at $1.1M.

Tucked in the Harvard-Belmont Landmark District, you’ll find this five-condo boutique building. Inside, three-bedroom Unit 301 takes up the entire third floor and offers a separate entrance to the home and a separate entrance to the live/work space, which could also be rented out as an Airbnb. Lots of designer details throughout, including eco-conscious steel & concrete, baroque plaster walls, and hand cut brick. The place comes with two garage parking spaces and an elevator.

So now that you know, does the price sound right to you?