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Retreat to this $1.3M Leavenworth log estate

This celebration of a modern and large log house sits on 14.72 acres beside the Wenatchee River

A log home where each log has character, refreshing considering how many log homes are built from logs that look mass produced. With every log carrying an array of colors, and coming in slightly different sizes, every room becomes unique. Even the corners are zig-zags as the organic nature of the trees is formed to fit.

This celebration of a modern and large log house sits on 14.72 acres beside the Wenatchee River outside of Leavenworth. The snow is coming. Get the skis ready, but first, decide if you want to spend $1,299,000 for the 3,650 square foot house and acreage.

There are three bedrooms, one full bathroom, and a couple of half bathrooms. Usually, bedrooms are yet another box, but not here thanks to those stripped bark beams and peaked ceilings. The master bathroom is as fancy as you may expect: jetted tub, glass block shower, marble counters, and extensive cabinetry. But, it also comes equipped with a sauna large enough for probably more than two, just in case you want to share that dry heat. An uncommon addition to the master bedroom is a wet bar, which is nice enough, in its own loft, which just makes it marvelously decadent. You may not have to leave the suite for days.

Fireplace mantels throughout are built from river rock and more live edge wood. No reason to abandon the refined rustic theme. The antler chandelier fits, too. Check to see if there’s a ready supply on the property.

Outside, the simple idea of a fire pit is taken up a notch by placing it in front of a 200 square foot building that’s wired for high speed internet, an interesting contrast in very rural and very urban. The other rural elements are the various outbuildings that are built for the inevitable wind and snow loads. One of the outbuildings is a 2,800 square foot shop that’s complete with welder’s outlets, and the luxury of protected and uninterrupted space. Pick your project, it will probably fit.

The property is out there. Maybe that’s what the eventual buyer is after because, even though it has a Leavenworth address, the drive to town is half and hour. The drive to Seattle, well, that’s over two hours, and that’s assuming the pass is open.