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Tell us your 2016 Seattle home-buying horror story

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It’s Friday Open Thread time

Joe Mabel

Earlier this week we showcased the latest in a long line of tales from the Seattle housing market that followed the same trajectory. House is listed for reasonable price, bidding war ensues, house sells for absurdly-higher amount than expected.

We hear a lot of these stories from real estate brokers but now want to hear about your home-buying horror story from the past year. We’ve been watching the market this whole time, we know you’ve got them.

Did you wage a particularly intense bidding war and lose? Was your broker not the sharpest knife in the drawer? Were the prices you encountered so astronomically out of your range that you went ahead and re-upped that 12-month lease?

Be as specific or general as you like. Consider this a good space to share some tips and pointers for homebuyers in the same boat (or houseboat) as you.