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Which Developer is Gonna Shell Out $5M For This Eastlake Site?

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Image: Windermere

Large chunks of developable land just isn't a thing that one finds easily within Central Seattle city limits these days. That's what makes this 28,000 sq ft development site in Eastlake that recently hit the open market so eye-catching. The jagged Tetris-piece-shaped lot currently has four single-family homes on it but is sited for 16-18 modern townhouse development. Located a block from Lake Union and right in the heart of Eastlake, it's 0.64 acres of prime space for the next Seattle residential project that's going to annoy locals but sell like hotcakes all the same. And while you're waiting for the permits, each of the standing homes can be rented out to generate income. We'll keep an eye on what happens cause we'll probably meet back here in a year to look at renderings.
· 2236 Fairview Ave E [Windermere]