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Looking for Seattle's Most Charming Area? Try Ballard

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There's a million different ways to determine the value and benefits of a neighborhood and RentLingo has created the million-and-first way: The Charm Index. The key to charm according to them is with local businesses. How well are they liked, just how local are they, and what do they say about the area? Couple all of that with crime rate, housing costs, and ease of transportation and, voila, you've got yourself "charm." According to their data, the most charming spot in Seattle can be found in Ballard, specifically at the intersection of Market Street and Ballard Avenue.

It makes a lot of sense, actually. The radius around this block is chocked full of coffee shops, bars, restaurants, taprooms and shops and still maintains a bit of that village feel thanks to Ballard Ave's cobblestone streets, Bergan Place and the bell tower in Marvin Gardens. It's not everyone's cup of tea (or craft brew, since this is Ballard) but we can see how this spot hits all the charming criteria.

Some other spots that light up the Charm Index are found in Downtown, Capitol Hill, Fremont, and The Junction. Areas that skew to the side of uncharming seem to be University District, Crown Hill near 85th Avenue, SoDo, Central District, and the most charmless section in the entire city: Licton Springs around Aurora Avenue.

Any neighborhoods or intersections you're surprised didn't make a bigger "charm" impact? Where's Green Lake? How about Columbia City? Share your thoughts below.
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