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Get Away From Everything in This $275K Guemes Island Cabin

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Find a pointy enough piece of land, ideally a rocky one, plant a house there and surround yourself with nature. Water on three sides, trees everywhere else, eagles above and whales below. (If it is eagles below and whales above, check your "This side up" label.) On the southeast corner of Guemes Island, a short, small ferry ride from Anacortes, there's a tiny house that was squeezed into a bit of hillside. For $275,000 you can own a prime piece of a peninsula. Some concessions are necessary. The house is 234 square feet; so there's no surprise that it is 1 bedroom and a half bath. The half bath is a bit interesting because there is no septic. There is a toilet, which is probably composting, incinerating, or chemical. There's also an outdoor shower; so there are bathing, er, showering facilities - that you can access while the weather is showering, too. Even though the house is tiny, the lot is big enough to include a separate artist studio. No big projects, please. The place and space is the thing. Sure, getting down to the house, and then down to the beach involves some impressive stairs; but the location is unique, the house is far nicer than most cabins, and you can sit by your firepit and watch the world go by your 90 feet of waterfront. For the right person, that's a lot of luxury for little money. Others might want a flushing toilet, though.

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Written by Tom Trimbath

Waterfront Park

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