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101 Elliott Avenue Building Sold, What Now For the P-I Globe?

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Image: Joe Mabel

We could call it the "the building at 101 Elliott Avenue" or we could call it "the building with the P-I Globe on top of it" and we're pretty sure we know which one is more likely to be recognized. So, "the building with the P-I Globe on top of it" has been sold. SteelWave, which sounds much cooler than it's previous name (Legacy Partners Commercial) sold the 101-square-foot building to Credit Suisse Group for $40.4 million, which is only slightly more than the $40 million they paid for it in 2007. The Globe is not part of the sale since it's actually a Seattle landmark. It was actually donated to MOHAI but there's no clear plan at the moment for whether or not it'll move to stay put. Who is staying put is IMS Health and Cutter & Buck, both of whom have leased large swaths of office space inside.
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